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Zinc Thiosulphate, ZnS2O3

Zinc Thiosulphate, ZnS2O3. - When sulphur dioxide is passed through an aqueous suspension of zinc sulphide, insoluble crystals of zinc sulphite separate,

ZnS + H2SO3 = ZnSO3+H2S,

that finally dissolve as the acid sulphite. Some thiosulphate is simultaneously produced: reactive sulphur produced by reaction between the hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide acts on the acid sulphite according to the equation

Zn(HSO3)2+S = ZnS2O3+H2O+SO2.

If the zinc sulphide suspension is added slowly to aqueous sulphurous acid, so that the latter is always in excess, the resulting solution contains principally thiosulphate and but little acid sulphite -

2ZnS+3SO2 = 2ZnS2O3+S.

Zinc thiosulphate has also been obtained in solution by dissolving the metal in aqueous sulphurous acid. Solutions of the salt are colourless and transparent and decompose readily -

2ZnS2O3 = ZnS+ZnS3O6.

The double salts, 3Na2S2O3.2ZnS2O3.10H2O, K2S2O3.ZnS2O3.H2O, and (NH4)2S2O3.ZnS2O3.H2O, have been prepared.

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