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Zinc Thiocyanate, Zn(CNS)2

A white efflorescence of the dihydrate Zn(CNS)2.2H2O has been obtained by treating zinc sulphate solution with an exact equivalent of barium thiocyanate and evaporating. It is soluble in water and in alcohol. The diammoniate, Zn(CNS)2.2NH4, is obtained by dissolving zinc oxide in ammonia and alkali thiocyanate solution. The salts K2Zn(CNS)43H2O, Cs2Zn(CNS)42H2O, Ag2Zn(CNS)4, CsAgZn(CNS)4.H2O, Cs2AgZn(CNS)5, CsAg3Zn2(CNS)8, and CsAg4Zn2(CNS)4 have been prepared.

The double thiocyanate of zinc and mercury, ZnHg(CNS)4, has been used to estimate zinc.

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