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Zinc Molybdate, ZnMoO4

Zinc Molybdate, ZnMoO4, is obtained in white needles, with a slight yellow tinge, by melting sodium molybdate, zinc chloride, and salt together. A reddish crystalline mass remained when it was melted in the blowpipe.

The monohydrate, ZnMoO4.H2O, is obtained in crystalline clusters of white transparent needles by mixing solutions of zinc nitrate and ammonium molybdate and digesting the originally amorphous precipitate. It is slightly soluble in water, easily in dilute acids, and is attacked by alkalies.

A dark grey powder of the composition 2ZnO.3MoO2 is obtained by fusing sodium trimolybdate with metallic zinc, the compound ZnO.

3MoO3.10H2O by melting zinc oxide and molybdic acid with sodium carbonate, and crystalline ZnO.H2O.8MoO3.14H2O by mixing solutions containing equivalent quantities of zinc sulphate and ammonium tetra-molybdate. (I2O5.2MoO3).ZnO.16H2O has been prepared.

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