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Zinc Azide, Zn(N3)2

Zinc Azide, Zn(N3)2, is a white sandy powder consisting of columnar crystals. Since it is hydrolysable it smells of azoimide in the air, and forms basic salts with water. It gives a clear solution, containing complex compounds, with azoimide or sodium azide. It detonates under a sharp blow, but is not more explosive than the alkaline earth azides.

It is prepared by acting upon metallic zinc with an ethereal solution of azoimide, but its hygroscopic character makes it difficult to obtain dry. One grm. of the azide evolves 0.360 Cal. on detonation.

By dissolving zinc or freshly precipitated zinc hydroxide in azoimide, and by interaction between zinc sulphate and barium azide in dilute solution, slightly soluble, ill-defined anisotropic crystals of the basic salt, Zn.Ag.OH, were obtained.

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