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Zinc Arsenite

A crystalline powder of normal zinc orthoarsenite, Zn3(AsO3)2, precipitates at 100° C. when aqueous arsenious acid is added to a solution of zinc sulphate containing ammonia and ammonium chloride. When precipitation occurs in the cold the precipitate rapidly crystallises into an aggregate of needles. A similar precipitate is thrown down by potassium arsenite from a solution of zinc chloride in 50 per cent, alcohol, or from a solution of zinc sulphate by acid potassium arsenite, K2O.2As2O3. Zinc arsenite dissolves readily in ammonia solution, acids, and solutions of ammonia salts. It is also precipitated from zinc sulphate solutions by sodium metarsenite.

A granular white powder of zinc metarsenite, Zn(AsO2)2, is obtained by dissolving arsenious acid in sodium hydroxide solution, making just acid to phenolphthalein with dilute sulphuric acid and adding hot zinc sulphate solution.

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