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    PDB 12ca-1ai0
    PDB 1aiy-1b6z
    PDB 1b71-1bs8
    PDB 1bsk-1cao
    PDB 1caq-1ctt
    PDB 1ctu-1de6
    PDB 1def-1dy0
    PDB 1dy1-1ed6
    PDB 1ed8-1exk
    PDB 1eyf-1fj9
    PDB 1fjg-1g0e
    PDB 1g0f-1gkq
    PDB 1gkr-1ha5
    PDB 1hbm-1hso
    PDB 1hsz-1i6v
    PDB 1i73-1im5
    PDB 1iml-1jcv
    PDB 1jcz-1jy8
    PDB 1jyb-1kh4
    PDB 1kh5-1kys
    PDB 1kzo-1llm
    PDB 1llu-1m7j
    PDB 1m9j-1mwo
    PDB 1mwq-1ndv
    PDB 1ndw-1nyq
    PDB 1nyr-1os4
    PDB 1os9-1p9w
    PDB 1paa-1pud
    PDB 1pv8-1q9l
    PDB 1q9m-1qv6
    PDB 1qv7-1r6o
    PDB 1r79-1ro9
    PDB 1ror-1sfo
    PDB 1sg0-1t3k
    PDB 1t4k-1tkh
    PDB 1tkj-1u0l
    PDB 1u10-1ums
    PDB 1umt-1v67
    PDB 1v6g-1vrq
    PDB 1vs0-1wew
    PDB 1wfe-1wwf
    PDB 1wwg-1xb1
    PDB 1xb8-1xpz
    PDB 1xq0-1y5w
    PDB 1y5x-1ylk
    PDB 1ylo-1z8r
    PDB 1z93-1zkx
    PDB 1zl6-258l
    PDB 2a03-2afo
    PDB 2afs-2atq
    PDB 2au3-2bfz
    PDB 2bg2-2c3a
    PDB 2c4r-2cij
    PDB 2cim-2czr
    PDB 2d0w-2djw
    PDB 2dkc-2e1b
    PDB 2e1s-2eer
    PDB 2eex-2em4
    PDB 2em5-2eoj
    PDB 2eok-2erq
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    PDB 2yte-2z30
    PDB 2z3g-2zet
    PDB 2zh0-3a32
    PDB 3a36-3aoi
    PDB 3at1-3bk1
    PDB 3bk2-3byr
    PDB 3byw-3cia
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    PDB 3h3e-3hfy
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    PDB 3rj7-3t74
    PDB 3t87-3u9g
    PDB 3ua7-3v24
    PDB 3v25-4agl
    PDB 4agm-4dih
    PDB 4dii-4efs
    PDB 4eg2-4fc8
    PDB 4fgm-6tli
    PDB 6tmn-9nse

Zinc in the structure of Carboxypeptidase A Liganded to An Organic Small-Molecule: Conformational Changes (pdb 3kgq)

The binding sites of Zinc atom in the structure of Carboxypeptidase A Liganded to An Organic Small-Molecule: Conformational Changes (pdb code 3kgq). This binding sites where shown with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Zinc atom.
The 3kgq structure was solved by D.FERNANDEZ, E.BOIX, I.PALLARES, F.X.AVILES, J.VENDRELL, with X-Ray Crystallography technique, brief refinement statistics is given in the table below:
Resolution (A)20.2-1.7
Space groupP1211
a (A)40.604
b (A)57.006
c (A)60.604
alpha (°)90.00
beta (°)102.04
gamma (°)90.00
Rfactor (%)18
Rfree (%)20.4

Zinc Binding Sites:

Zinc binding site 1 out of 1 in 3kgq

Zinc binding site 1 out of 1 in 3kgq
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stereopicture of Zinc binding site 1 out of 1 in 3kgq
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Mono- and Stereo- picture of 5.0 Angstrom coordination sphere 1 of Zinc in the PDB 3kgq. Coordination sphere was calculated for all residues within 5.0 Angstroms distance from the central Zinc atom, shown by VdW sphere
Residues shown as a stick model or VDW spheres: A: His69, A: Glu72, A: Arg127, A: His196, A: Ser197, A: Glu270, A: Cit310, A: Hoh330, A: Hoh349,

conact list:

AtomAtomDistance (A)
ZnNE2 A:His694.16
ZnN A:His694.96
ZnCB A:His693.47
ZnND1 A:His692.09
ZnCD2 A:His694.23
ZnCE1 A:His693.03
ZnCG A:His693.12
ZnCA A:His694.82
ZnOE1 A:Glu722.60
ZnOE2 A:Glu722.06
ZnCD A:Glu722.65
ZnCG A:Glu724.14
ZnCZ A:Arg1274.85
ZnNH1 A:Arg1274.06
ZnNE2 A:His1964.14
ZnCB A:His1963.53
ZnND1 A:His1962.08
ZnCD2 A:His1964.23
ZnCE1 A:His1962.99
ZnCG A:His1963.15
ZnCA A:His1964.42
ZnO A:Ser1974.11
ZnN A:Ser1974.65
ZnOE1 A:Glu2704.85
ZnC6 A:Cit3104.45
ZnO2 A:Cit3102.08
ZnC1 A:Cit3102.64
ZnO1 A:Cit3102.55
ZnC3 A:Cit3104.40
ZnO7 A:Cit3103.93
ZnO6 A:Cit3104.41
ZnC2 A:Cit3104.07
ZnO A:Hoh3304.27
ZnO A:Hoh3494.07

interactive model:

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