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Basic Zinc Nitrates

The following have been described: -

  1. By evaporating zinc nitrate solutions or heating hydrated zinc nitrate (sometimes followed by treatment with water), Zn(NO3)2.7ZnO.2H2O; 3Zn(NO3)2.ZnO.3H2O; 4Zn(NO3)2.3ZnO.14H2O; Zn(NO3)2.3ZnO.3H2O; 2Zn(NO3)2.7ZnO.Aq.; Zn(NO3)2.2ZnO.
  2. By treating nitric acid with excess of zinc, Zn(NO3)2.5ZnO.8H2O; Zn(NO3)2.4ZnO.5H2O; Zn(NO3)2.3ZnO.4H2O.
  3. By precipitating excess of zinc nitrate solution with ammonia, Zn(NO3)2.7ZnO.4H2O.
  4. By heating hydrated or basic zinc nitrates with water in sealed tubes, Zn(NO3)2.5ZnO.7H2O; Zn(NO3)2.4ZnO.6H2O; HNO3.2ZnO.H2O.
  5. By heating zinc nitrate solution with zinc oxide, Zn(NO3)2.ZnO.3H2O.


Andre obtained the hydrated tetrammoniate, 3[Zn(NO3)2.4NH4]+2H2O, from the solution prepared by passing an excess of ammonia gas into zinc nitrate solution. The deliquescent crystals are very soluble in a little water, and readily decomposed by excess with the precipitation of zinc oxide. The warm aqueous solution also dissolves zinc oxide, and 3Zn(NO3)2.10ZnO.4NH4.18H2O, stable in air, insoluble in cold water and decomposed by hot, deposits from the filtered solution.

Anhydrous Zn(NO3)2.4NH4 is obtained by leading ammonia gas in excess through a saturated solution of zinc nitrate, adding alcohol, drying the precipitate, and finally warming it at 100° C. in a stream of ammonia.

It absorbs a quantity of ammonia gas at room temperature that closely corresponds to the formation of the hexammoniate, and only a little more ammonia is absorbed on cooling to - 18° C. As the temperature is raised, evolution of gas commences distinctly at 30.5° C., and as the temperature rises further the tetrammoniate is formed, which decomposes at 206° C.

Double Salt

The double salt, 3Zn(NO3)2.2Bi(NO3)3.24H2O, has been described.

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