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Zinc Tungstate, ZnWO4

Zinc Tungstate, ZnWO4, has been prepared by melting sodium tungstate with zinc chloride and common salt, and by heating sodium paratungstate with zinc.

The monohydrate, ZnWO4.H2O, falls as an amorphous precipitate when solutions of sodium tungstate and zinc acetate are mixed. One part dissolves in about 500 parts of water at 15° C. It remains white when dehydrated by heat.

The metatungstate, ZnO.4WO3.10H2O, the paratungstate, 5ZnO.12WO3.37H2O, the tungstate, ZnO.2WO3.3H2O, and the double tungstates, Na2O.2ZnO.7WO3.15 (and 21) H2O and (NH4)2O.2ZnO.7WO3.13H2O, have been prepared.

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