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Zinc Hypochlorite, Zn(ClO3)2

A solution obtained by dissolving zinc oxide or hydroxide in hypochlorous acid or chlorine water decolorises indigo and readily decomposes.

Zinc Chlorate has been prepared by dissolving zinc carbonate in chloric acid, and by interaction between either zinc sulphate and barium chlorate or zinc fluosilicate and potassium chlorate in solution.

Vauquelin described the crystals as octahedral, and Meusser as belonging to the monoclinic system. They are very soluble in water, and crystallise as Zn(ClO3)2.6H2O or Zn(ClO3)2.4H2O. The transition temperature from the hexa- to tetra-hydrate is 14.5°-15° C. The dihydrate, if it exists, is more difficult to isolate.

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