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Zinc Arsenide, Zn3As2

Zinc Arsenide, Zn3As2, is prepared by melting zinc in arsenic vapour and hydrogen, or by subjecting zinc and arsenic, in appropriate proportions, to a pressure of 6500 atmospheres. It crystallises in octa-hedra or small needles, and evolves arsine with dilute sulphuric acid. The diarsenide and monarsenide, ZnAs2 and ZnAs, have been prepared by heating zinc and arsenic together in proper proportions. They are greyish, and dissolve in acids with the evolution of arsine. ZnAs is frequently used for preparing arsine.

Heike, from a thermal study of the system Zn-As, concluded that only ZnAs2 and Zn3As2 exist. Both are brittle, and melt at 771° C. and 1015° C. respectively.

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