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Pure metallic zinc is used for reducing noble metals obtained by underground leaching and, in general, in Gold and Silver recovery from crude Lead as Zinc-Gold (or Silver) intermetallic compounds which are then purified by common affinage procedures.

It is used to galvanize steel to prevent corrosion (zinc coating), as the anode in alkaline batteries (as manganese-zinc cells, mercury-zinc, silver-zinc batteries). The zinc-air batteries also called "zinc-air fuel cells", for laptop computers are a new generation, more advanced comparing with the common lithium batteries, with more capacity and much cheaper. They are also very prospective for engine launch (commonly 55 W/hour/kg, zinc air - 220-300 W/hour/kg) and for using in experimental electric vehicles with run up to 900 km.

Zinc is used in alloys such as brass, various soldering formulas and German silver.

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