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    Chemical Properties
    PDB 12ca-1ai0
    PDB 1aiy-1b6z
    PDB 1b71-1bs8
    PDB 1bsk-1cao
    PDB 1caq-1ctt
    PDB 1ctu-1de6
    PDB 1def-1dy0
    PDB 1dy1-1ed6
    PDB 1ed8-1exk
    PDB 1eyf-1fj9
    PDB 1fjg-1g0e
    PDB 1g0f-1gkq
    PDB 1gkr-1ha5
    PDB 1hbm-1hso
    PDB 1hsz-1i6v
    PDB 1i73-1im5
    PDB 1iml-1jcv
    PDB 1jcz-1jy8
    PDB 1jyb-1kh4
    PDB 1kh5-1kys
    PDB 1kzo-1llm
    PDB 1llu-1m7j
    PDB 1m9j-1mwo
    PDB 1mwq-1ndv
    PDB 1ndw-1nyq
    PDB 1nyr-1os4
    PDB 1os9-1p9w
    PDB 1paa-1pud
    PDB 1pv8-1q9l
    PDB 1q9m-1qv6
    PDB 1qv7-1r6o
    PDB 1r79-1ro9
    PDB 1ror-1sfo
    PDB 1sg0-1t3k
    PDB 1t4k-1tkh
    PDB 1tkj-1u0l
    PDB 1u10-1ums
    PDB 1umt-1v67
    PDB 1v6g-1vrq
    PDB 1vs0-1wew
    PDB 1wfe-1wwf
    PDB 1wwg-1xb1
    PDB 1xb8-1xpz
    PDB 1xq0-1y5w
    PDB 1y5x-1ylk
    PDB 1ylo-1z8r
    PDB 1z93-1zkx
    PDB 1zl6-258l
    PDB 2a03-2afo
    PDB 2afs-2atq
    PDB 2au3-2bfz
    PDB 2bg2-2c3a
    PDB 2c4r-2cij
    PDB 2cim-2czr
    PDB 2d0w-2djw
    PDB 2dkc-2e1b
    PDB 2e1s-2eer
    PDB 2eex-2em4
    PDB 2em5-2eoj
    PDB 2eok-2erq
    PDB 2esf-2fa7
    PDB 2fac-2fpx
    PDB 2fqp-2g84
    PDB 2g87-2gvf
    PDB 2gvi-2han
    PDB 2hap-2huc
    PDB 2hue-2imc
    PDB 2imr-2j65
    PDB 2j6a-2jq5
    PDB 2jr7-2kfn
    PDB 2kft-2l75
    PDB 2lgv-2nx9
    PDB 2nxa-2oc8
    PDB 2occ-2osm
    PDB 2oso-2p53
    PDB 2p57-2pow
    PDB 2ppb-2q8j
    PDB 2qa1-2qp6
    PDB 2qpj-2r71
    PDB 2r74-2sod
    PDB 2srt-2v86
    PDB 2v87-2vp7
    PDB 2vpb-2vyo
    PDB 2vz5-2wey
    PDB 2wfq-2wx0
    PDB 2wx1-2xam
    PDB 2xan-2xr9
    PDB 2xrg-2ytd
    PDB 2yte-2z30
    PDB 2z3g-2zet
    PDB 2zh0-3a32
    PDB 3a36-3aoi
    PDB 3at1-3bk1
    PDB 3bk2-3byr
    PDB 3byw-3cia
    PDB 3ciz-3d08
    PDB 3d09-3dbu
    PDB 3dc3-3dp6
    PDB 3dpe-3e1w
    PDB 3e1z-3ebh
    PDB 3ebi-3epk
    PDB 3epl-3f28
    PDB 3f2b-3fhe
    PDB 3fhp-3ful
    PDB 3fum-3g9y
    PDB 3ga3-3gpu
    PDB 3gpx-3h2w
    PDB 3h3e-3hfy
    PDB 3hgz-3hsn
    PDB 3hso-3i8v
    PDB 3i9b-3ij6
    PDB 3ijf-3ixe
    PDB 3iz0-3k34
    PDB 3k35-3kiy
    PDB 3kj1-3kvt
    PDB 3kwa-3lat
    PDB 3lcn-3lrr
    PDB 3ls1-3m1n
    PDB 3m1v-3mek
    PDB 3men-3mru
    PDB 3ms0-3n63
    PDB 3n64-3nin
    PDB 3nis-3ny2
    PDB 3ny3-3ohc
    PDB 3ohd-3oyl
    PDB 3oym-3pih
    PDB 3pki-3r0d
    PDB 3rj7-3t74
    PDB 3t87-3u9g
    PDB 3ua7-3v24
    PDB 3v25-4agl
    PDB 4agm-4dih
    PDB 4dii-4efs
    PDB 4eg2-4fc8
    PDB 4fgm-6tli
    PDB 6tmn-9nse

Zinc in PDB, part 51 (2501-2550), PDB files 2au3 - 2bfz

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Zinc (Zn) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Zinc atoms.
PDB files 2501-2550 (2au3 - 2bfz):
  1. 2au3 - Crystal Structure of the Aquifex Aeolicus Primase (Zinc Binding and Rna Polymerase Domains)
  2. 2aus - Crystal Structure of the Archaeal Box H/Aca Srnp NOP10-CBF5 Complex
  3. 2avu - Structure Of the Escherichia Coli Flhdc Complex, A Prokaryotic Heteromeric Regulator of Transcription
  4. 2aw1 - Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: Valdecoxib Binds To A Different Active Site Region of The Human Isoform II As Compared to the Structurally Related Cyclooxygenase II "Selective" Inhibitor Celecoxib
  5. 2ax2 - Production and X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of Fully Deuterated Human Carbonic Anhydrase II
  6. 2axr - Crystal Structure Of Glucooligosaccharide Oxidase From Acremonium Strictum: A Novel Flavinylation of 6-S-Cysteinyl, 8ALPHA-N1-Histidyl Fad
  7. 2ayd - Crystal Structure of the C-Terminal Wrky Domainof ATWRKY1, An Sa-Induced and Partially NPR1-Dependent Transcription Factor
  8. 2ayi - Wild-Type Ampt From Thermus Thermophilus
  9. 2ayj - Solution Structure of 50S Ribosomal Protein L40E From Sulfolobus Solfataricus
  10. 2ayk - Inhibitor-Free Catalytic Fragment of Human Fibroblast Collagenase, uc(Nmr), Minimized Average Structure
  11. 2ays - A Conserved Non-Metallic Binding Site in The C-Terminal Lobe Of Lactoferrin: Structure Of the Complex Of C-Terminal Lobe of Bovine Lactoferrin With N-Acetyl Galactosamine At 1.86 A Resolution
  12. 2az4 - Crystal Structure Of A Protein of Unknown Function From Enterococcus Faecalis V583
  13. 2azh - Solution Structure of Iron-Sulfur Cluster Assembly Protein Sufu From Bacillus Subtilis, With Zinc Bound At the Active Site. Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target SR17
  14. 2b0o - Crystal Structure of UPLC1 Gap Domain
  15. 2b0p - Truncated S. Aureus Lytm, P212121 Crystal Form
  16. 2b0z - Crystal Structure of the Protein-Protein Complex Between F82I Cytochrome C and Cytochrome C Peroxidase
  17. 2b10 - Crystal Structure of the Protein-Protein Complex Between F82S Cytochrome C and Cytochrome C Peroxidase
  18. 2b11 - Crystal Structure of the Protein-Protein Complex Between F82W Cytochrome C and Cytochrome C Peroxidase
  19. 2b12 - Crystal Structure of the Protein-Protein Complex Between F82Y Cytochrome C and Cytochrome C Peroxidase
  20. 2b13 - Truncated S. Aureus Lytm, P41 Crystal Form
  21. 2b3j - Crystal Structure of Staphylococcus Aureus Trna Adenosine Deaminase, Tada, in Complex With Rna
  22. 2b3x - Structure Of An Orthorhombic Crystal Form of Human Cytosolic Aconitase (IRP1)
  23. 2b3z - Crystal Structure of A Bifunctional Deaminase and Reductase Involved in Riboflavin Biosynthesis
  24. 2b44 - Truncated S. Aureus Lytm, P 32 2 1 Crystal Form
  25. 2b4y - Crystal Structure of Human Sirtuin Homolog 5
  26. 2b5l - Crystal Structure of DDB1 in Complex With Simian Virus 5 V Protein
  27. 2b5w - Crystal Structure of D38C Glucose Dehydrogenase Mutant From Haloferax Mediterranei
  28. 2b63 - Complete Rna Polymerase II-Rna Inhibitor Complex
  29. 2b65 - Crystal Structure Of the Complex Of C-Lobe of Bovine Lactoferrin With Maltose At 1.5A Resolution
  30. 2b83 - A Single Amino Acid Substitution in the Clostridium Beijerinckii Alcohol Dehydrogenase Is Critical For Thermostabilization
  31. 2b8k - 12-Subunit Rna Polymerase II
  32. 2b8o - Crystal Structure of Glu-Gly-Arg-Chloromethyl Ketone-Factor Viia/Soluble Tissue Factor Complex
  33. 2b8t - Crystal Structure of Thymidine Kinase From U.Urealyticum in Complex With Thymidine
  34. 2b9d - Crystal Structure of Hpv E7 CR3 Domain
  35. 2ba1 - Archaeal Exosome Core
  36. 2bai - The Zinc Finger Domain of Mengovirus Leader Polypeptide
  37. 2bb0 - Structure of Imidazolonepropionase From Bacillus Subtilis
  38. 2bbf - Crystal Structure of Trna-Guanine Transglycosylase (Tgt) From Zymomonas Mobilis in Complex With 6-Amino-3,7-Dihydro-Imidazo[4,5- G]Quinazolin-8-One
  39. 2bc2 - Metallo Beta-Lactamase II From Bacillus Cereus 569/H/9 At pH 6.0, Trigonal Crystal Form
  40. 2bcn - Solvent Isotope Effects on Interfacial Protein Electron Transfer Between Cytochrome C and Cytochrome C Peroxidase
  41. 2bco - X-Ray Structure of Succinylglutamate Desuccinalase From Vibrio Parahaemolyticus (Rimd 2210633) At the Resolution 2.3 A, Northeast Structural Genomics Target VPR14
  42. 2bdh - Human Kallikrein 4 Complex With Zinc and P-Aminobenzamidine
  43. 2be5 - Crystal Structure of the T. Thermophilus Rna Polymerase Holoenzyme in Complex With Inhibitor Tagetitoxin
  44. 2be7 - Crystal Structure Of The Unliganded (T-State) Aspartate Transcarbamoylase of the Psychrophilic Bacterium Moritella Profunda
  45. 2be9 - Crystal Structure of The Ctp-Liganded (T-State) Aspartate Transcarbamoylase From the Extremely Thermophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus Acidocaldarius
  46. 2bed - Structure of Fpt Bound to Inhibitor SCH207736
  47. 2bf9 - Anisotropic Refinement of Avian (Turkey) Pancreatic Polypeptide At 0.99 Angstroms Resolution.
  48. 2bfk - Bacillus Cereus Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (Bcii) Arg (121) Cys Mutant. Solved At PH7 Using 20MM ZNSO4 in Buffer. 1MM Dtt Was Used As A Reducing Agent
  49. 2bfl - Bacillus Cereus Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (Bcii) Arg (121) Cys Mutant. Solved At PH5 Using 20MM ZNSO4 in Buffer. 1MM Dtt Was Used As A Reducing Agent.
  50. 2bfz - Bacillus Cereus Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (Bcii) Arg (121) Cys Mutant. Solved At PH4.5 Using 20MM ZNSO4 in Buffer. 1MM Dtt Was Used As A Reducing Agent. CYS221 Is Oxidized.


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